Do they reduce sun glare?
Yes, they will reduce glare from the sun making for a cooler and more comfortable car ride for your kids.

Are they suitable for tinted windows?
Yes, our shades will not have any problems being placed over windows that are already tinted. The visibility will remain effective and the children will still get the benefit of the great designs.

Do they obscure driver vision?
No, it is perforated film so you can see without obstruction.

Can I wind my window down?
Yes, the shade is so thin that it does not affect the ability to put the window up and down at all.

Can they be seen from the outside?
No, the outside appears black

Do they leave residue when removing?
No. We recommend using a hairdryer to slightly heat shades before removal. 

Are they easy to stick on?
Absolutely! See our “How to Apply” section for step by step instructions.


Returns & Exchange Policy

If you simply change your mind and would like to exchange your shades for different prints, you’re welcome to return the shades to us and Baby Got Shade will provide you with the shades of your choice plus postage.

In the event your sheet is faulty, we will provide a complete refund (including postage paid on the initial purchase).