How To Apply & Remove

What you need: Pencil, credit card/licence and scissors and/or blade.

Step 1:

Clean window thoroughly using a window cleaning product such as Windex.

Step 2:

Ensure that the window is completely dry.

Step 3:

Hold film with the white side facing you, against the outside of the window (standing outside the car) and trace around the inside of the window frame. Then trim your Shade approximately 1cm out from the tracing mark.

Step 4:

Peel away the white backing paper from the bottom of the film and place the adhesive side of the film up against base of the window with an extra centimeter of shade hanging out from the bottom of the window.

Step 5:

Take credit card and using the edge, press it against the middle of the bottom section of the window and smooth it down, working your way out to the edges of the window. Trim the shade at the edge of the window using a Stanley knife, then using the credit card, push the shade against the edges as firmly as possible. Continue peeling the adhesive backing towards the top of the window. 

Step 6:

Push the bottom of the shade down into the space between the window and the door, ensuring that the shade is firmly sealed against the window. 

Step 7:

When the film has been applied 3/4s of the way up the window, wind the window down so that you can secure the film right up to the top. Once at the top, trim the film to be flush with the very top of the window, ensuring that when the window is closed, the edge of the film will not be exposed.


When applying the shades, ensure the outside temperature is between 15-30 degrees with minimal wind. 

Do not apply to:

- damp windows

- front windscreens

- frosted or textured surfaces

- on wire type rear window defrosters 


Removal Of Shade 

Slightly heat shade with a hairdryer to loosen adhesive. Gently peel shade away from window until completely removed.